Tradizione Bologna


Cavazza has been synonymous with Vera Mostarda Bolognese since 1898. Its unique flavour and firm consistency are the result of rigorous respect for the original recipe dated 1898, careful selection of the ingredients and a special production process which has remained unchanged over time. “Passione di Bologna”, a delicious and elegant extra jam made of quince pears and apples, is equally important and symbolic of a tradition which continues to this day. Quince Jelly is another exclusive product by Cavazza. A product made in limited quantities starting only with the fresh juice to maintain the original nature of the authentic flavours: the quince apple and pear juice is cooked with sugar to bring it to the ideal consistency. A soft, smooth jelly, with a fragrance and flavour and colour that are both delightful and inviting. No colorants, thickeners or pectin are added.

Vera mostarda bolognese

370 g and 700 g glass jar

Passione di Bologna

370 g glass jar

Quince jelly

250 g glass jar